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Selecting the right driving school is one of the most important decisions a parent and teen will make. The road can be a risky place, which is why we provide a course that will equip students with defensive driving techniques, safety habits and the fundamentals of road navigation.

Our instructors are dedicated to safety and providing a friendly environment. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality in-car instruction to both students and adults in the Hampton Roads area. 

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"Wheel Steer U Straight is a great driving school. As this was the first time I had to enroll a child in driving school, I was grateful for how stress free this all was. Ms. Durham was a wonderful teacher for my son and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Two thumbs up for Wheel Steer U Straight!" -Sara
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"My baby (son) passed his road test on today. All thanks to Ms Pamela for being ever so patient and flexible with our schedule during spring break. You are Awesome Ms Pamela!!" -Dorothy

"Thanks for everything. I'm so glad I passed my road test for the first time. I learned so much, and now I'm driving everywhere with my family!" - Loren

Learn the young driver policies and practices.
 Parents learn the best ways to prepare your teen for the road.

Find out some of the most important safety tips.